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Type B

We are the industry leader for Type B services, with advanced training and qualifications in Type B Gas design, installation, upgrades, inspections and auditing. Our technicians are specialists in their field and are available for on-going service support and repairs.

Type B Capabilities

Type B compliance is the regulation of fuel gas management for appliances that extend beyond the standard requirements for general gas appliances. These specialised appliances are commonly encountered in heavy industrial settings, such as large gas compressors or ovens for industrial heating. Our team possess a wealth of experience and a strong track record of successfully executing complex Type B Projects, Equipment Servicing and Repairs. Our portfolio includes comprehensive designs for Gas Trains and Control Systems, a testament to our technical abilities in this complex and high regulated field.

Type B Design

Hamilton's Engineering Team excels in design Type B systems that are approved for use, ensuring they are easily maintainable and serviceable. With a commitment to simplicity and compliance, our team utilises their extensive experience to deliver solutions that are logical and effective. 

Type B Gas Trains

Hamilton boasts a large manufacturing facility in Brisbane, ideal for the procurement, construction and Factory Acceptance Testing services for complete Gas Train builds. Our Gas Trains are assembled using AGA-Approved components and are stedfast in compliance with Australian standards. We encourage our clients to participate in factory acceptance tests (FATs), allowing them to inspect the finished product prior to dispatching. Our Gas Trains are constructed from a variety of approved materials, from carbon steel to stainless steel, and can provide customised coatings to meet our clients specified site standards. 

Control Systems

Not only do we design and construct Type B Systems, but our Engineering Team also specialises in customising Type B Control Systems to meet the precise requirements of your site. We offer a range of control system options, including PLC's, Relay Logic or specific manufacturer controllers such as Deep Sea Controllers. Our engineers design bespoke control panels, housed in compliant and customisable enclosures taking into consideration our clients site specifications and conditions, such as Hazardous Areas with tamper-proof requirements ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Type B Construction Projects & Commissioning

Hamilton's Project and Construction teams are fully equipped to manage every aspect of Type B installations with precision, safety and exceptional workmanship. From the mechanical installation of Fuel Gas Pipework to the Electrical Connection to existing infrastructure, and through to commissioning and start-up, our team oversee the entire process seamlessly. With an extensive selection of tooling, intensive training and years of collective experience, we guarantee a smooth and successful project delivery.

Type B Certificates & Approvals.

As an integral component of our Type B Services, Hamilton can facilitate the necessary paperwork and submissions to secure all requisite approvals for your Type B Project. We will coordinate onsite inspections, oversee the procurement of nameplates, and develop comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations and standards. 

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