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Tube Bending

Hamilton's tube installation is unparalleled in its quality. Each team member undergo rigorous professional training by Swagelok, equipping them with the skills for the precise installation, testing and commissioning of stainless steel process lines.

Tube Bending Capabilities

Hamilton's tube bending and installation services are supported by certified training from major tube manufacturer's such as Swagelok, Gylock and Ibex, ensuring adherence to industry best practices and top-tier quality. Our team are kitted with the correct tooling and the finely tuned skills to deliver exceptional tube and impulse line installation services, and offer design and procurement support. We have successfully delivered several large-scale installation projects through-out the East Coast of Australia, and are available to clients nationally for our high-calibre Tube Bending capabilities.

Small Bore Process Line Installation

We offer procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of small bore rigid stainless steel process lines. Our technicians excel in tube bending, bracket manufacturing and fit-off techniques, guaranteeing system integrity and reliability. Specialising in parallel tube runs and maintenance-conscious installations, client's can confidently rely on the Hamilton team for quality and sustainability of their tube installations.

Pressure Testing

The Hamilton team is highly proficient in testing and commissioning pressurised tubing systems. We can conduct testing of pipework up to 300 bar, using NATA certified test equipment, we ensure reliability and compliance across our testing and data.

Tube Press Installations

Our team has extensive training in the installation and fabrication of Tube Press Systems, a robust 316 Stainless Steel piping solution rated up to 40 bar. With in-house capabilities to install up to 4 inch pipework, our systematic approach ensures efficient and reliable implementation. The Tube Press System offers distinct advantages, including expedited installation without the need for welding, making it an ideal option for rapid deployment and flame free environments. Additionally, it holds approval for use in gas applications, further enhancing is versatility and suitability for various industrial and hazardous areas.

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