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About us

Established in 2010 and privately owned, Hamilton boasts over a decade of experience as a leading provider for specialised Electrical, Instrumentation, Engineering and Turn-Key Project solutions in Australia. Operating from Brisbane, Queensland, and extending services across Australia and the Asian Pacific, our team of qualified technicians excel in delivering advanced technical support, covering Electrical, Instrumentation, Hazardous Areas, Type B Gas, High Voltage requirements, and more.


Serving a diverse range of clients, from small industrial companies to large multinational organisations in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Water & Waste, Infrastructure, and Manufacturing Sectors, Hamilton's core values of Quality, Safety, and Innovation are foundations of our comprehensive service offerings. Whether your needs involve electrical maintenance, instrumentation calibrations, qualified personnel for shutdown/shift coverage, or complete project design and delivery, Hamilton brings a wealth of experience and resources to ensure unmatched quality and safety for every challenge


At Hamilton, our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our services. From the installation and maintenance of electrical and instrumentation equipment to the design and delivery of complex projects, our meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of our work meets and exceeds industry standards. We adhere to stringent quality control processes to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of our solutions, providing our clients with the assurance that their critical infrastructure is in capable hands.


Safety is paramount in everything we do at Hamilton. Our team prioritises the well-being of personnel, clients, and the environment in every project, especially in hazardous areas, high-voltage requirements, and complex industrial settings. We implement rigorous safety protocols, invest in ongoing training, and utilise the latest safety technologies to create a secure work environment.


Our commitment to innovation is embedded in every phase of our services, ensuring that our clients benefit from forward-thinking and sustainable solutions. We understand the dynamic nature of the industrial landscape and continuously seek innovative approaches to reduce inefficiencies, and optimise processes. Whether it's pioneering instrumentation solutions or developing custom switchboards and process systems, our team embraces cutting-edge technologies and creative problem-solving to deliver outcomes that align with the evolving needs of our clients.

Our Relationship with Clients

Strong relationships with our clients are the foundation of our success. We take the time to understand their needs and goals, and work collaboratively to achieve them. Our approach emphasises transparency, communication, and reliability, ensuring that our clients are always informed and satisfied with our work.

Experience and Expertise

With our talent pool and combined years of experience in the electrical contracting industry, Hamilton has the expertise to handle any project, big or small. Our team of professionals are extremely skilled and knowledgeable, ensuring that each project is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Accountability and Responsibility

At Hamilton, we take pride in our work and are accountable for what we do. We believe in delivering exceptional service and taking responsibility for our actions. Our commitment to safety, sustainability, and ethical business practices sets us apart from our competitors.

Our team are the beating heart of our company

When you work with Hamilton, you'll have an agile team on your side that believes in innovation and sustainability. We're cross-disciplinary experts that believe in adapting to solve your problems, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all package.

Our diversity in experience makes Hamilton so valuable to our clients. At any one time you can expect a highly skilled and experienced technician dedicated to delivering exceptional quality, supported by our driven and meticulous project and administration teams.

We might be biased, but we believe our team is the best in the industry.

Each Hamilton team member brings a special quality to our company, and we have painstakingly cultivated a crew that we think epitomise professionalism, passion and excellence.

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