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Hazardous Area

Hamilton's Hazardous Area services division possess extensive industry experience, rigorous training protocols and cutting edge capabilities, enabling us to deliver specialised solutions for clients operating within Hazardous Areas.

Hazardous Area Capabilities

At Hamilton, our Hazardous Area's service team consist of qualified technicians and seasoned engineers equipped with specialised tools designed to address the distinct challenges of Hazardous Area environments. Out technicians undergo extensive training, certification and in-field experience to equip them with the necessary expertise to navigate Hazardous Areas with precision and safety. With a deep understanding of industry regulations and best practices, we ensure stringent compliance and effective risk mitigation on every job.

Hazardous Area Inspection 

Hamilton's Hazardous Areas Inspection services offer thorough evaluations tailored for industries in volatile environments. Our highly trained technicians use proven methods and equipment to examine areas, identifying risks and ensuring regulatory compliance. With a focus on safety, we provide detailed reports and recommendations for risk management.

Hazardous Area Installation

Hamilton provides Hazardous Areas Procurement and Installation services tailored for industries operating in potentially volatile environments. Our expert team ensures the efficient sourcing and delivery of specialized equipment and materials necessary for hazardous area operations. Australian and site standards guide Hamilton’s procurement and installation teams to ensure all works are to or exceed regulatory standards.

Conformity Assessment Documents (CAD)

Hamilton offers expert facilitation and management services for the development of Conformity Assessment Documents (CAD) pertaining to equipment with third-party certifications not officially recognized by Australia. Our experienced engineering and specialized services team possesses the requisite knowledge to navigate the regulatory landscape effectively. We streamline the process of preparing and delivering CADs for both new installations and upgrade projects, ensuring compliance and efficiency throughout.

Hazardous Area Dossier (HAVD)

Facilities housing Hazardous Areas necessitate Hazardous Area Verification Dossiers (HAVDs) to uphold compliance with Australian Hazardous Areas standards. These comprehensive documents are vital for ensuring the continuous safety of such facilities concerning hazardous areas. The Hamilton team possesses pre-existing HAVD templates and boasts extensive expertise in the development and compilation of HAVDs that not only meet but also surpass Australian standards.

Hazardous Area Solutions & Advice

Navigating Hazardous Areas can be a complex endeavor for those unfamiliar with their intricacies. The Hamilton team offers expert guidance during the design phase of new projects, ensuring compliance with requirements and cost-effectiveness. For existing assets, upgrades must carefully consider Hazardous Areas Standards and ensure adherence to compliance regulations. Regardless of project scale or complexity, the Hamilton Team stands ready to provide comprehensive technical assistance, ensuring optimal outcomes.

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