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Sibelco Control System Upgrade

Hamilton was engaged to bring back online the obsolete crusher motor at their processing facility in Calliope, through the design and installation of a new control system aimed at enhancing production efficiencies and safety data.

Client: Sibelco
Location: Calliope, QLD
Completion: 2018


Project Overview:

Hamilton's scope involved the meticulous design, supply, and construction of a new control system for the obsolete crusher motor. The project necessitated replacing the outdated DC motor with a new AC motor and implementing a new variable speed drive. Additionally, level monitoring equipment was installed to monitor the rock level in the crusher, ensuring optimal crushing efficiency. The project's significant highlight was integrating a new control system into an existing plant without any available site drawings. The Hamilton team traced out every cable and determined its function before commencing the design process. Moreover, a substantial amount of redundant and unsafe cabling was removed from the switchboards, enhancing safety and equipment maintainability.

Project Statistics

3 Months

Project Duration


Project Value


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