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AGL Type B Upgrade

Hamilton successfully completed the Type B Upgrade project for AGL, a significant endeavour aimed at enhancing the efficiency and reliability of gas compressor operations. The scope of works involved the meticulous supply and installation of new Type B control panels and associated equipment for the 4 Gas compressors and 2 Glycol Re-boilers.

Client: AGL
Location: Surat, QLD
Completion: 2018


Project Overview:

Hamilton's team executed the construction and installation of new Type B controllers housed within stainless steel enclosures, ensuring durability and resilience in challenging operational environments. Our experts meticulously installed new power and control cabling tailored to the specific requirements of the gas trains, taking into account maintenance and hazardous areas considerations to ensure optimal safety and operational efficiency. In response to unforeseen challenges, Hamilton swiftly addressed last-minute rectifications, which included the replacement of temperature probes, pressure transmitters, and vibration transmitters on several gas compressors. Our team sourced suitable replacements that met stringent hazardous area standards and operational requirements, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and compliance with safety regulations.

Project Statistics

6 Months

Project Duration


Project Value


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