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Agricultural Instrumentation and Electrical Solutions
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We focus on:

Produce maximisation

Hamilton's priority is to increase your yield, while limiting costs. Our approach involves employing advanced technology to ensure that your operations scale without the need to increase human resources. We also reduce machinery downtime and ensure accurate information from field sensors, to find breakdowns within minutes, not hours.

Water management

Hamilton can ensure the correct management of your water handling systems. Our innovative process monitoring, logging and alert systems can validate your instruments, send notifications on water consumption and let you know the levels in your tank.

Remote management

Hamilton leads the way on digital and industry 4.0 solutions for agriculture, which allows off-site monitoring, analysis, diagnostics and control of your farming equipment and product systems. This enables unprecedented asset support, anywhere in Australia.

We are passionate about supporting our primary producers - they're the life blood of Australia.

We specialise in:

Flow meter calibration

Ensuring that your water, fuel, pesticides, insecticides and fertilisers are measuring correctly, with accurate calibration of your vital instruments. Our team makes sure that you avoid poorly performing flow meters, which can be susceptible to wear and tear. We offer calibration, validations, installs and technical advice on meter selection and metering issues.

Electrical and instrumentation

The disposal of many older assets across our industries is often unnecessary - from both an economical and technological perspective. One of our primary focuses is on restoring and upgrading those assets, keeping them in service for years longer.

Pump controls

Designing and implementing advanced systems that correctly regulate water pressure and output for your irrigation system - resulting in better crop production, lower running costs and reduced water table usage.

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