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Hamilton Awarded for Business Innovation!

Every year the Gympie Chamber of Commerce shines the spotlight on the regions local businesses and hosts the Gympie Chamber Awards Night. Businesses are nominated for an array of categories ranging from Customer Service, Tourism, Innovation and the much coveted Business Of The Year.

Following on from our success in 2018 where we won Small Business Of The Year, Hamilton has continued to impress the local masses with our continual drive for progress. The judges commended our new instrumentation calibration software, our proactive approach to staff development and our focus on the use and development of new smart technology. To say that this success was a team effort would be an understatement, and we could not be prouder of our employees who believe wholeheartedly in the Hamilton Vision.

We wanted to congratulate Smark Sinks as the runner's up, their unique product is a game changer in the water waster industry, I highly recommend you check out their website to see for yourselves!

Smart Sinks.

The other finalists were F45 Training Gympie and Farmer & Sun Grocer & Cafe, who have both taken this town by storm. F45 Gympie offer a truly unique training experience, driven by their core team of trainers. Farmer and Sun have created a holistic cafe/grocer blend, utilizing the beautiful local and organic products created by the Gympie region, their menu is exciting and reflects the holsumness of the produced they so lovingly procure.

F45 Gympie

Farmer & Sun

So that concludes the Gympie Chamber of Commerce Awards for 2019, and if the past two years are anything to go by, 2020 is looking like it could be our most exciting and innovative year yet...

Hamilton is a results driven Queensland based Instrumentation and Electrical company focused on delivering exceptional quality, sustainable growth and innovative solutions ahead of industry standards. The diversity of our experience gives Hamilton a competitive edge and the confidence our clients have come to rely on.

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