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The exciting world of Industry 4.0

What an exciting week it has been.

It’s been 4 months since I have joined the Hamilton brand and the ride already has been nothing short of exciting, so I thought it would be great to share a week that was;

As a self-confessed digitalisation or Industry 4.0 junkie I am one of the many that is loving the transformation our world is going through. One clear message received this week, is that the race is not starting, it's already begun and those who choose to not evolve with the transforming world will be left behind. Now this message which I believe is true, can actually portray a fearful response which is concerning. A response of why, what, when, how, this is too hard, this makes no sense, what the [insert preferred cursing word] is digitalisation? The beautiful irony is that the world of technology also promotes the world of try a little, see if works and then try again. As long as you are actively trying and investing you are moving in the right direction.

This week started with the joining of the Smart Cities Council coffee club in the Sunshine Coast. It was a very proud moment that the beautiful place I call home is a leader in the adoption of Smart City technologies. The Sunshine Coast Council is an example that with a vision, motivation and clear strategic plan, the adoption of modern technologies is not a prescribed journey but more of a constant trial and adoption of what makes the greatest positive impact to the community. Sounds something like the word “innovation” would mean to me ?

As the week progressed I was fortunate enough to attend the Siemens Digitalize conference held in Brisbane. Represented by over 50 speakers and panellist ranging from industry leaders who once advised the mayor of London to Craft Beer operators (those who know my other world would know my love of mashing tech and craft beer). The take away from the day for me was get going with digital transformation! The world is moving and no matter what the size, small or large, the adoption of technology is a must to survive, but also is an infinite world of opportunity. It was amazing to be here at this event with industry friends such as Nukon and APS. Nukon was presenting their product Tillit which we have some very exciting news coming regarding Nukon and Tillit on Hamilton’s own digital journey.

Finally as the week draws to close and the taste for a weekend craft beers starts to ascend, I have been working today with our team building digital solutions for our local Agricultural industry. I am quite honoured to be invited to speak a number of chamber of commerce’s locally and start the conversations on how the agriculture industry can adopt technology for resource and financial efficiencies in their own operations. We are proud of the region we live in and see so much opportunity ahead for it.

It's been a great week playing in the digital industry which I personally love and how applications are being implemented across the world in all markets. I know the team here at Hamilton is excited about delivering their next technical solution and so am I.

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Hamilton is a results driven Queensland based Instrumentation and Electrical company focused on delivering exceptional quality, sustainable growth and innovative solutions ahead of industry standards. The diversity of our experience gives Hamilton a competitive edge and the confidence our clients have come to rely on.

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