Time for an Electrician? When to Call Pomona Electricians to Upgrade Your Electrical System

You purchased your new home knowing that there were a few upgrades that would need to be made. One of those is the electrical system. In today’s modern age, it is important to have a safe, reliable electrical system in one’s home. We rely on electricity to heat our water, run our appliances, and to power all of our gadgets. When it is time to install an updated electrical system, it is time to call an electrician near Pomona that can provide you with experience and safe, dependable service. When that time comes, call the professionals at Hamilton Instrument and Electrical.


Call a Pomona Electrician When You Notice Old Wiring


When you were searching for new homes, you should have inspected the wiring. Upon noticing the outdated wiring, you instantly knew that if you purchased the home the electrical system would have to be updated. If you find old ceramic insulated wiring or knob and tube wiring, you will want to have an experienced electrician come in, remove the old wiring, and replace it with a system that meets all of the relevant Australian standards. That is the type of service that Hamilton Instrument and Electrical provides. With 15 years of industry experience, we provide our customers with only the best materials and prompt, personal service so that homeowners can feel safe.


Installing New Appliances? Call a Pomona Electrician


In your new home, you might have opted to replace all of the appliances with newer, more modern models. Today’s appliances require a larger volume of energy in order to operate. This can place a burden on your electrical system. You would be wise to contact us to ensure that your system can handle the electrical load placed on it. If there is insufficient electricity, the new appliances are forced to work a little harder which can place added stress on their motors. The motors heat up and can easily burn out. If you are replacing a number of appliances, call Hamilton Instrument and Electrical for advice and service. We strive to provide prompt, efficient, and reliable electrical service to homeowners, commercial businesses, and industrial plants.


When You Have Electrical Problems


As a homeowner, you are going to face some electrical problems. It may be faulty switches or a certain part of the home may have power problems. Whatever the issue, Hamilton Instrument and Electrical has experience with finding electrical faults, lighting, installing ceiling fans, safety switches, and much more. Homeowners can count on us to deliver and solve their issue quickly. Our quality workmanship is completed at competitive, affordable prices for homeowners throughout the Sunshine Coast region.


Call Hamilton Instrument and Electrical Today for all Your Electrical Needs


Among Pomona electricians, we believe we separate ourselves with our commitment to the local community. It is our mission to support our home grown trades, suppliers, and other area businesses. We work to keep our business within the family and community and our customers appreciate our genuine care. When you need quality electrical service, call us on 0438 791 454 or send us an email to info@hamiltoninstruments.com.au to receive a free quote.



Hamilton is a results driven Queensland based Instrumentation and Electrical company focused on delivering exceptional quality, sustainable growth and innovative solutions ahead of industry standards. The diversity of our experience gives Hamilton a competitive edge and the confidence our clients have come to rely on.

September 12, 2019

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