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Oil & Gas Solutions
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Hamilton has specialised in the oil and gas sector for over a decade and supported dozens of enterprises across South East Australia.

We focus on:

Robust installation

Hamilton understands that the environment of the oil and gas industry can be harsh. With the experience needed to make product selection, installation methodology and asset longevity considerations, we know what works and what is compliant.

Smart instrumentation

Our team can implement sophisticated digital solutions - upgrading obsolete instrumentation to better measure and report on the pressure, temperature, flow and levels - reducing inaccuracies while maintaining hazardous area compliance.

Asset rejuventation

Hamilton focuses on increasing the life of your assets - never disposing of what can viably be renewed. By tuning and overhauling your equipment - and managing your compliance along the way - we can secure significant financial savings and reduce waste.

We specialise in:

Hazardous area management

Installing, inspecting and maintaining hazardous area equipment in a variety of oil and gas applications. Our engineers and technicians understand the importance of your compliance requirements - providing reports, defect rectification services and design solutions.

Electrical and instrumentation

The disposal of many older assets across our industries is often unnecessary - from both an economical and technological perspective. One of our primary focuses is on restoring and upgrading those assets, keeping them in service for years longer.

Type B fuel systems

While comfortably navigating the compliance requirements for Type B gas appliances, our trained engineers and technicians audit, design, install and maintain your gas equipment to ensure industry standards and plant reliability.

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