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Infrastructure Services and Solutions
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Hamilton understands how critical key infrastructure such as water, roads and power are to our nation.

We focus on:


Hamilton understands the importance of operational assets. We develop preventative maintenance programs that sync with our clients management requirements to ensure minimal downtime. Our project team focuses on your inefficiencies while delivering industry standardised solutions to your capital projects.


Our unique ability to implement ITS infrastructure, and electrical contracting experience allows Hamilton to be a single source supplier for all major road projects. We focus on collaboration with our principle contracting partners to achieve safe and successful project delivery.


We know how pivotal timely delivery and shutdown windows are to our clients. Hamilton provide scheduled maintenance and project delivery in line with our clients tight timelines. With strong experience in upfront planning, resource procurement and steam analysing solutions - paired with our international partnerships, Hamilton delivers the highest quality installations.

We specialise in:


Providing on-site maintenance, repairs and upgrades for your equipment - with a focus on timely turnarounds that won't compromise assets integrity. Our mobile technicians are reliable and able to address issues before they lead to failure.

Electrical and instrumentation

The disposal of many older assets across our industries is often unnecessary - from both an economical and technological perspective. One of our primary focuses is on restoring and upgrading those assets, keeping them in service for years longer.

Capital projects

Delivering projects to the original requirements and specifications is one of our specialties. Our collaborative attitude and forward thinking preempts possible shortcomings of scope, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery of your projects.

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