Find the Faults in Your Electrical System, with the Help of the Right Electricians in Gympie

To the naked eye, electricity is invisible, but that doesn't mean it can't cause a whole slew of problems in certain situations. In fact, it's arguably because electricity is invisible that it is so hard to determine what is going wrong when there is a problem with your home's wiring. Perhaps you're getting repeated electrical shocks due to a grounding issue, or maybe your circuit breaker keeps tripping because something is overloading it.


Whatever the symptom, there is a fault somewhere in your home's electrical setup that is causing the problem. Identifying the problem is key to solving it, but unless you are knowledgeable about circuits and wires, you might find that trying to identify the issue at hand is an exercise in futility.


Call Hamilton Instrument & Electrical for Your Fault Finding Needs


If you have an electrical issue and need help locating the fault, just give us a call at Hamilton Instrument & Electrical. Our team of skilled and experienced electricians in Gympie can locate the root of the problem for you, saving you the time and hassle of trying to learn the art of electrical fault finding.


Hamilton Instrument & Electrical launched about two years ago as a multifaceted Gympie electrician service. We do it all, from domestic electrical work to commercial and industrial projects. In the domestic sector, we can handle residential lighting installations, full-house surge protection, garden and outdoor lighting, switchboard upgrades, smoke alarms and more. If you are interested in improving the wiring in your home or adding new electrical features and components, we are the company to call.


In addition to new installations, we can help you troubleshoot any problems you might be having with older ones. Our Gympie electricians have more than 15 years of industry experience—years that have taught us the ins and outs of home wiring designs and electrical circuitry. We are familiar with the common problems that homeowners often face when it comes to electricity and can use the knowledge (along with a multimeter or two) to locate the faults in the system and figure out how to fix them.


Hamilton Instrument & Electrical: A Safe, Reliable and Efficient Electrician Service in Gympie


At Hamilton Instrument & Electrical, our top goal is to provide all of our customers and clients with a safe, reliable and efficient electrician service in Gympie—no matter the size or scope of the job. With us, you will be able to escape the pitfalls of a faulty wiring system. No more electrical shocks, no more tripped circuit breakers and certainly no more smoking outlets or randomly flickering lights: when you call Hamilton Instrument & Electrical, we make your home's electrical setup safe and functional again. As one of our valued customers, you deserve nothing less.


Electrical faults and wiring problems can range from unpleasant inconveniences to major safety hazards. Just to be safe, call Hamilton Instrument & Electrical and let our electricians in Gympie take a look at your electrical system and find the faults. You can reach us on 0438 791 454.



Hamilton is a results driven Queensland based Instrumentation and Electrical company focused on delivering exceptional quality, sustainable growth and innovative solutions ahead of industry standards. The diversity of our experience gives Hamilton a competitive edge and the confidence our clients have come to rely on.

September 12, 2019

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